Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

When we talk about the Curriculum we are talking about everything that is learned in school, including pupils’ experiences of our residential facility.  The whole curriculum is about how we work and live together, how we support and encourage each other.

Greenbank School’s curriculum has been developed, changed and improved over the years to offer learning opportunities which result in pupil’s becoming confident learners attaining and achieving in all subjects and becoming as literate and numerate as possible. Pupils develop their independence, social and work related skills and experiences which they will need to lead happy and successful adult lives.

During the school day our timetable offers a similar range of subjects which you would find in any busy mainstream secondary school, and although by comparison we are small, we have thriving and exciting subject rooms for Art, Design Technology, Science and Food Technology. In addition, we have 3 ICT suites, a library, and a PE Department including an indoor pool, a newly built sports hall and extensive playing fields which have an incorporated a cycle track.

In recent years our accommodation has been refurbished and modernised. All 12 classrooms are spacious, well equipped rooms and have been designed in recognition of our pupils preferred learning style.

Whilst the school delivers the National Curriculum, an emphasis is placed on social communication, language development, practical Literacy and Numeracy and PSHCE [Personal, Social, Health, Citizen, Economic]. An essential aspect of our curriculum is the content and the delivery which is differentiated to meet the needs and learning styles of our pupils.

In addition to the day curriculum, some pupils take advantage of our extended day and residential facility.

Ofsted Report 2017 -

'Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. They often comment in their workbooks on what they have found easy or difficult and know their learning targets and goals.  In many classrooms, pupils are actively encourged to contribute to their own targets and move themselves on when they feel that they have achieved them.  There is a culture within the school of pupils working toward full independence in their learning.  As an older pupil explained 'adults have created a nice environment for us to learn for ourselves'.  Consequently, the vast majority of pupils, regardless of their specific need, make outstanding progress from their starting points.  this is consistent across key stages 3, 4 and 5, and includes the pupils who are most able.  The progress of pupils who are disadvantaged is similar to that of their peers because of the quality of support they recieve.

A varied and relevant range of qualifications is offered to pupils based on their needs and interests.  These qualifications are focussed on ensuring that they supports pupils'  next stage of life.  Where appropriate, a number of pupils go on to study GCSE's in English and Mathematics and where the school does not have the resources available themselves, GCSE subjects are accessed from the neighbouring secondary school.'

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