Advice for Employers

The following are quotes from some of our employers that have given our students a chance - they are seeing the ability, not the disability.


“Loved seeing the student yesterday, I really look forward to having him here.”

Chef/Catering Manager


“Thanks, it has been an absolute pleasure, see you in the new year!”

Community Project


“I have to say that the student is an excellent worker.  He is very organised and he knows a lot about IT including computer hardware and software. He has a great sense of humour and is great to work with."

Computer Repair shop


“We are more than happy to have your lovely students volunteer with us, if they’re anything like your previous students, I’m sure they will  fit right in."



This guide has examples of how employers beneift from engaging with schools.

Why does employer engagement matter?


If you are an employer wishing to take part in employer engagement, for a 10 minute presentation, a visit to our career's fair, or taking on a student for work experience please usee the contact details below.

Contact us and add 'careers' in the subject field so that it can be sent directly to the right team.

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