Music at Greenbank

Greenbank students may follow one or, all of the music opportunities that we have on offer at Greenbank School.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is particularly important for pupils struggling with communication difficulties as it offers them a way to connect with those around them without using words.  The therapy offers pupils the opportunity to create their own sounds and interact through music; in addition to helping students build confidence and develop communication and social skills. For pupils suffering with anxiety or sensory problems music therapy can offer a calm space for relaxation. Most music therapy sessions in school are with individual pupils, but sometimes the service is offered to groups to help pupils work together and establish positive social routines. Sometimes music therapy is offered alongside speech and language therapy to help develop vocal skills and confidence.

Music for Life

Individual key board lessons are taught at school by a peripatetic music teacher.  Lessons are approximately 20 mins in duration. Information is provided at school about this teaching scheme and parents are asked to make direct payments to the ‘Music for Life’ service providers. Students undertake individual lesson at different times throughout the school day. For further information visit the following website

Instrumental, choir and singing for pleasure opportunities

Students have the opportunity at various points throughout the school year to experience playing a musical instrument, joining a choir for key festivals and singing for pleasure in performances at school. This information is shared with parents in documents such as the curriculum coverage on a termly basis.

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